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Wednesday 18th October
5pm gmt

Level up your game in life & business with this exclusive webinar from author, Shane Cradock

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Unleash Your Inner CEO

Exclusive webinar from Shane Cradock

Wednesday 18th October at 5pm GMT


Unlock game-changing strategies that will revolutionise your clarity, elevate your mood, and amplify your performance outcomes.


Discover the true source of success and happiness and learn how to dismantle the mental roadblocks blocking your peak performance.


Gain exclusive access to cutting-edge tools designed to crystalise your inner clarity, among a suite of brand new resources.

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Lunch with Shane Cradock in Dublin
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This webinar is now complete. If you would like to access a recording please contact support@shanecradock.com

Celebrating The Launch Of The Inner CEO

How do you become more successful in life and work?

To answer this question, many of us look to what leaders and successful people are doing and then try to copy it. But most of the time we don’t even come close to achieving anything like the results they get.


By focusing on what we see on the outside – actions, behaviour, habits – we’re missing the aspect of that person that is really in charge: their inner world – the world of the mind, thinking and awareness.

For internationally renowned advisor and coach Shane Cradock, this is the realm of The Inner CEO.

In this book, Shane shares profound insights, simple techniques and powerful exercises that enable you to take charge of your mind and thoughts so you can achieve greater success professionally and personally. Drawing on his work helping hundreds of CEOs, award-winning entrepreneurs, sports people, celebrities and others, The Inner CEO will quickly change how you see yourself, others and the world around you – for the better.

"Navigating leadership and life is never a straight line, and Shane’s approach on both the inner and outer games has been an incredible support in my own journey over the last 10 years."

John Riordan
Chairman of Grow Remote
Former Chairman of Shopify International

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you just wanted to scream in frustration?

At one point in my life, the noise got to such a dangerous level I ended up in a very dark place. But the gift of working my way out of that mental space was an understanding of just how valuable inner clarity and peace of mind is. 

Over the last twenty years, I’ve worked with many leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, community leaders, artists, TV and sports stars, celebrities and
ambitious executives in some of the biggest companies in the world.

My role has been to be their partner in success.

During my work I discovered a significant blind spot in the conventional approach to getting the best from yourself and others.

What’s going on inside your head is the single most important factor determining what happens outside of you.

Nothing else comes close.

In my upcoming book, The Inner CEO, I explore the concept that as humans we are hardwired to succeed, be resilient and happy; we just have to realise it.


Join me on October 18th when I will be sharing some exclusive insights from the upcoming book, and giving you a chance to win bonus prizes.

The webinar is completely free, but places are limited so be sure to book your spot.

Join the online experience

unleash your
inner ceo

Wednesday 18th October

The effects of working with Shane have been truly remarkable, influencing both my professional and personal spheres in profound ways. The insights shared in The Inner CEO are more than enlightening; they hold the power to ignite a transformative journey for anyone interested in their own development.

Steven McKenna,
CEO, Sherry Fitzgerald