The Inner CEO

By Shane Cradock

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You've read books about the mindset and the mind, maybe attended workshops or had coaching...but something seems to be missing.
With this book, Shane Cradock identifies the missing link.

The effects of working with Shane have been truly remarkable, influencing both my professional and personal spheres in profound ways. The insights shared in The Inner CEO are more than enlightening; they hold the power to ignite a transformative journey for anyone interested in their own development.

Steven McKenna,
CEO, Sherry Fitzgerald

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An Easier Approach To Success
And Happiness

you know a lot - but is there something missing?

You’ve read books about mindset and the mind, maybe attended workshops or had coaching… but something seems to be missing.

With The Inner CEO, Shane Cradock identifies the missing link.

in this book you will learn how to:

  • Enhance your ability to create real success by becoming the genuine boss of your mind.
  • Boost your ability to thrive in your overall life, and radically reduce stress.
  • Accelerate your leadership abilities by improving your presence, confidence and clarity.
  • Connect to something deeper and more authentic inside you which results in more purpose and peace of mind.
  • Create a life worth talking about! 


In this book internationally renowned advisor and coach Shane Cradock shares profound insights, simple techniques and powerful exercises that enable you to take charge of your mind and thoughts so you can achieve greater success professionally and personally. Drawing on his work helping hundreds of CEOs, award-winning entrepreneurs, sports people, celebrities and others, The Inner CEO will quickly change how you see yourself, others and the world around you – for the better.

"Navigating leadership and life is never a straight line, and Shane’s approach on both the inner and outer games has been an incredible support in my own journey over the last 10 years.
This book is illuminating and a delight. You will read this a second time."

John Riordan
Chairman of Grow Remote
Former Chairman of Shopify International

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The Inner CEO

“The Inner CEO is a must read for anyone serious about leadership and about making a real impact with their lives. This is a profound but easy to read book that will radically shift your thinking and behaviour. The inner path of leadership just became a lot clearer through Shane’s work.”
Joseph Jaworski,
Author of Synchronicity: The Inner Path Of Leadership and
Source: The Inner Path Of Knowledge Creation
"I've worked with Shane for many years and have had the benefit of his experience, insight and guidance. This book opens the door for others to get access to potentially life-changing content that is grounded in real world practicality."
Louis Copeland Jnr.
Managing Director, The Louis Copeland Group
"I've read hundreds of books on business, self-development, and the mind. This page-turner is easily among the best ever. Shane's master storytelling with highly personal anecdotes draw you in, and before you realise it, you're deeply engaged in a book more profound than you expected. Whether you want to give your mental health a huge upgrade to thrive instead of survive, or simply be the boss of your own wayward mind, you might easily find this book life-changing and want to share with friends."
Niall Wogan
Founder & CEO of VERVE Fitness
"Shane revealed to me the true power of the inner voice. He has the rare ability to transform complex problems into clear solutions. Shane's impact on my inner game has been immeasurable."
Gary Fox
Host of the award-winning podcast The Entrepreneur Experiment.
“Shane’s approach around The Inner CEO has been a complete game changer for me. The information he’s sharing in this book can be transformational if you’re open to it. And I don’t say that lightly.”
Keith McGrane
Founder/CEO, Corre Energy Group
“Shane is uniquely talented at seeing what the rest of us were staring at, but somehow missed. The Inner CEO delivers an insightful and easy-to-read guide for getting a grip on your relationship with your mind. It’s a wonderful blend of experience and practicality, layered on top of his engaging writing style. This book shows you how to win in business AND in life.”
Georgina Coleman
Senior Vice President of Retail at Mikimoto, North America
“Shane's book is not only profound; it is relatable, practical and user friendly in a world that often times feels overly complex. Born from his own life and professional experiences, I highly recommend The Inner CEO to anyone interested in creating authentic positive change and radical results."
Susan Taylor
CEO, Generon International & Author, A Call to Wholeness
“Through this book, Shane is bringing language every leader needs for the unseen world inside us, and how best to harness it - so that we can better navigate the external world, personally and professionally. Don't be fooled by the title into thinking you have to be a CEO or aspiring CEO to read it - this book is about becoming the authentic boss of your life."
Cor Hoekstra
EVP, Chief Revenue Officer at TIFIN Wealth
“For any leader that is looking for clarity or inspiration, The Inner CEO is a must read. It will enhance your leadership but also enrich your life. Shane gives you the tools to get out of your own way, and ultimately achieve much more authentic success. Can't recommend highly enough.”
Miriam Simon
Author Of ‘Retailing Through Uncertainty’ and Growth Strategy Specialist